Opening speaker

Prof.dr. Peter van den Besselaar. Watch the session here.
Monday March 1st 12.30-13.30

Peter van den Besselaar is a professor em. at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, faculty of social sciences. He also works at Teresa Mom Consultancy in Amsterdam. His research focuses on the organization, governance and dynamics of science, technology and innovation; on science and innovation policy; and on the use of big data and semantic web technologies in social science. He has done much research on gender differences in science, and his main current project is on gender bias in grant allocation and academic careers: the GRANteD project (2019-2023), funded under H2020.

Prof.dr. Peter van den Besselaar

ir. Anouk Hubrechsen, Event Chair of the WIE Career Month, will moderate this session.

How to get a Scholarship

Watch the session here.
Thursday March 4th 10.00-11.00

Jeanne de Loos

Jeanne de Loos is president of Zonta club Eindhoven. Zonta is an international organisation which empowers women all over the world through service and advocacy, motivated by goal 5 of the United Nations, which Zonta works closely together with. Since last year, Zonta has created the Women in Technology scholarships, giving students the chance to apply for regional, continental and international scholarships of up to $8000.

Annemarijn Boelen

Annemarijn Boelen is Program Manager Scholarships at VSBfonds (VSB Foundation). VSBfonds is an independent charitable endowment fund. Because of our origins (a Dutch savings bank) we grant donations and scholarships that only benefit the Netherlands and Dutch nationals.
Most of our donations go to social and cultural projects in the Netherlands. We also provide 165 scholarships every year of up to € 10.000 each for Dutch students who wish to continue their education (studies or research) abroad. Our scholarship program aims to reward personal drive and social engagement. Our focus therefore is not strictly on academic excellence and/or grades.


ir. Davine Janssen, recipient of the CETT and InnoEnergy scholarships, will moderate this session.

Salary Negotiation

Panel discussion on negotiating compensation
Watch the sessions here.
Tuesday March 9th 12.00-14.00 Mindy Howard Mindy Howard has set out to passionately achieve her dream of going to space. After leaving the oil industry, Dr. Howard harnessed her academic and professional skills to create the first and only psychological space training program, "Inner Space Training". Howard will train, coach, and accompany in space the winners of the "Career Astronaut" competition, in 2023. She has appeared on the Discovery Channel, Dutch TV and on the radio both in the United States and in The Netherlands as a space correspondent and commentator. Since she is self-employed, she has valuable insights in the role of compensations. To read more about her, visit her website. Join the panel session and get 15% discount on a signed copy of her book!

Mindy Howard
Dr. Sveta Zinger

Sveta Zinger is an Associate Professor in digital image analysis technologies for healthcare. Her areas of expertise include medical image and video analysis for diagnosis and prognosis. This comprises temporal data analysis, machine learning, context analysis of patient data. Multi-modal data processing and exploration of novel sensing technologies play an important role in this research. Dr. Zinger is actively involved in a number of national and international research projects, collaborating with industrial and clinical partners in these domains. As the only female associate professor within the department of electrical engineering, she has a unique understanding of the compensation system in academia.

Dr. Svitlana Zinger
Berber Goedhart

Berber’s passion is to support every person and organisation to become more data driven from a technology, process and people perspective, empowering the work force of today and tomorrow to become data literate by speaking the language called data. Currently she is a director in the Data & Analytics team within KPMG with a focus on business intelligence. In her role as Director Business Intelligence, she advises organisations by helping them on their data journey and is a trusted advisor for large scale data transformation projects, drawing on the rich experience she gained over the years. She has an extensive experience in compensation negotiations, due to her experience at multiple jobs and her responsibility for the recruitment of new employees for her team.

Berber Goedhart
Tomas Weijters

Tomas Weijters has many years of experience in HR. Previously, he worked as a senior HR business partner at OGD ict-services, an IT service provider with over 700 technical employees. He is currently in charge of HR policies of one of the three business units of OGD. With his extensive experience in negotiating compensations from both sides of the table, he will be able to provide valuable advice and answers to most questions.

Tomas Weijters

Joining this session:

Glenn Bergmans

Glenn Bergmans
Business Director & Founder
Dutch Coding Company

Sanne Osmanovic

Sanne Osmanovic
EMEA Transportation Director

Floortje de Groot

Floortje de Groot
HR advisor TU/e departement Electrical Engineering

Francisca Moesker

Francisca Moesker
HR Director Tomingroep

Improving tenure track policies

Dr. Monique van der Veen. Watch the session here.
Thursday March 11th 12.30-13.30

Monique A. van der Veen is Associate Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Delft University of Technology. She works on controlled energy transfer in nanoporous materials for electronics, catalysis and separations. In 2016 she started with four female colleagues of TU Delft a national campaign to advocate for prolonged tenure track periods in case of maternity and parenting. For these and their scientific efforts, she and Marie-Eve Aubin-Tam have rewarded the Athena Prize by NWO, division Chemistry, in 2018.

Dr. Monique van der Veen

Dr. ir. Laura Kollau, Assistant Professor at Maastricht University, will moderate this session.

Climbing the corporate ladder

Mariëlle Bartholomeus. Watch the session here.
Wednesday March 17th 15.30-16.30

Drs. Mariëlle Bartholomeus is a neurologist and former medical director of Bernhoven Hospital Uden. In 2020 she was awarded the title TOPVROUW 2020 for her leading role in the corona crisis. She is praised by the jury for her authenticity and her hands-on leadership in which she gives people confidence and empowers them. She dares to ask questions and thereby bring in knowledge from outside. She emphasizes that you cannot solve a crisis on your own and that she really did it as a team and that cooperation is very important. She does not put herself in the foreground, but has shown clear leadership in this crisis. As TOPVROUW she will emphasize the participation of women in leading positions, as gender diversity in boards will strengthen leadership. Furthermore she will encourage (young) people to get a job in healthcare and see the importance of connecting in networks. In 2021 Mariëlle together with Michiel van Roozendaal forms the executive board of Rivas Zorggroep; Beatrix hospital, 17 nursing homes and home care(over 5000 employees).

Marielle Bartholomeus

Dr. Regina Luttge, Associate Professor at Eindhoven University of Technology, will moderate this session.

Technology in Society

Watch the session here.
Thursday March 18th 10.00-11.00

Apopo on their novel RescueRat concept

Christophe Cox

Natural disasters have devastating effects on human lives with large earthquakes and typhoons ranking among the most catastrophic events – which may become more frequent given climate change and their consequences worse through habitation of risky areas.
Among other technologies, trained animals play an important role in tracking and rescuing people trapped under collapsed buildings. While traditionally dogs are used, APOPO aims to train African giant pouched rats, which are smaller and more agile to reach deep and narrow spaces, and equip them with camera-enabled backpacks housing positioning sensors and wireless communication systems.
APOPO is known for training rats for the detection of landmines and tuberculosis, and earlier research suggests that rats can be trained to locate persons. The recent development of a technology-enabled backpack in collaboration with TU Eindhoven means RescueRATs could not only locate victims but also allow two-way communication with the survivor and more precise localization of their position within the debris site to facilitate rescue.

Christophe APOPO
Engineers without Borders

Fernanda González Guevara

Fernanda González, is the Community Building and Communication board member of the non-for-profit organization Engineers Without Borders, The Netherlands. Fernanda strives to improve the quality of life with engineering while inspiring and empowering social entrepreneurs in the global south. "The aim of my teams is to inspire and encourage other change-makers to be part of our mission of supporting local entrepreneurs with the implementation of solutions that create social, environmental, and financial value.”
Fernanda developed an early interest in life sciences while studying in her home country, Mexico. She went on to pursue this interest in college, earning a bachelor's degree in chemistry. In 2017, she obtained a master´s in environmental engineering, with a focus in wastewater and solid waste management, from the University of Stuttgart in Germany. She continued her studies in 2018 at the Eindhoven University of Technology, obtaining this time a PDEng degree in Process and Product Design.
Engineers Without Borders provides aid to local partners by developing sustainable projects in four main areas align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The projects are organized in the following portfolios: Education portfolio (SDG 4: Quality education), Water portfolio (SDG 6: Clean water and sanitization), Energy portfolio (SDG 7: Affordable and clean energy), and Circular Economy portfolio (SDG 12: Responsible consumption and production).

Fernanda EWB

Prof. dr. ir. Sonia Heemstra, Full Professor at Eindhoven University of Technology, will moderate this session.

Inspirational speaker

Dr. Maria Marced. Watch the session here.
Tuesday March 23rd 13.30-14.30

Maria Marced will share the fantastic story of her career. From growing up in Valencia, being one of the few female engineering students in Spain, to reaching top management positions at NXP/Philips, Intel and then TSMC Europe. Knowing women are a minority in the engineering field, Maria will share her view on how important women are in the engineering territory and what value women can bring into the industry. The most important factors to success are the belief and willingness, which must come from the bottom of your heart. With that, you are able to reach your own destiny.

Dr. Maria Marced

Prof. dr. Marion Matters, Full Professor at Eindhoven University of Technology, will moderate this session.

Developments of the Irène Curie fellowships

Frank Baaijens. Watch the session here.
Thursday March 25th 15.30-16.30

Frank Baaijens is a full professor of Soft Tissue Biomechanics and Tissue Engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). His areas of expertise include computational (bio)mechanics, rheology and regenerative medicine. Frank Baaijens currently serves as Rector Magnificus at TU/e. His focus is building on the TU/e’s strengths with the entire community, strengthening the university’s international position and working on finding solutions to current and future societal challenges, bridging education and research. Frank Baaijens is committed to the future vision and mission of TU/e, outlined in the strategy 2030 plan. This plan aims to further excellence of the university in education and research, and impact on society. The university will strengthen its foundations, foster cross-disciplinary research, and will continue to innovate our educational methods and programs to educate next generations of engineers and scientists.


ir. Anouk Hubrechsen, Event Chair of the WIE Career Month, will moderate this session.


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